Test phase for burgerbus in munnerstadt begins on wednesday

Test phase for burgerbus in munnerstadt begins on wednesday

Residents of the city's suburbs and the outer areas of the city center will be able to do their last christmas shopping with the new burgerbus. Next week, it will be in operation for the first time on three days. "It all has to settle in first, we have to gather experience first", says manuela hafner of the munnerstadt city administration. It is possible that the bus will be a few minutes late in the test phase, passengers should just wait a little bit.

The city has now leased the minibus. About half of the leasing costs will be covered by the company wotan, explains mayor helmut blank (CSU). After the test phase in the next week, the bus should run regularly from the second week of january. Then the mayor also wants to approach local companies that can place their advertising on the bus, so that more money comes into the burgerbus coffers. By then it should be decorated with the city's coat of arms in any case.

The first tour
On wednesday, 18. December, petra hesselbach will drive the first tour. From 8.30 o'clock it goes from reichenbach, windheim and burghausen in the direction of the city center, from 9.30 o'clock are the auberen areas of the core city at the row. End points are the marketplace, the edeka, and the netto. From 12.30 o'clock it goes back to the villages, from 13.35 o'clock in the ouber areas of the core city. The exact departure times are posted in all parts of the city and can be found on the city's website. Petra hesselbach, who has a marginal job, had read about the burgerbus in the newspaper and spontaneously volunteered to take over a tour. "I have the time", says the brunner.

Pensioner gerhard kronewald from fridritt has time too. He will be on the road on two days. On thursday (for the first time at 19. December) it will first call at fridritt, kleinwenkheim, brunnn and althausen, then wermerichshausen, seubrigshausen and grobwenkheim. On friday the residents of maria bildhausen will be driven to munnerstadt.

"The original idea came in 2009 from the redevelopment officer dag schroder", reminds the mayor. The situation became really acute after a conversation with the general manager of maria bildhausen, rainer waldvogel. The interest there is so great that a separate line is set up on friday.
Helmut blank is very grateful that petra hesselbach and gerhard kronewald, two residents of munnerstadt, have volunteered to drive the bus. There is only a small compensation for the loss. We would also like to welcome other interested parties, who can simply contact the city administration.

Club foundation possible
"If everything goes well, we can also talk about a burgerbus club", says the mayor. The city will then also issue a corresponding brochure. In a second step, the burgerbus will also be used by the city's clubs on weekends. The head of the city paid great tribute to the head of the building yard, stefan sluzar, and to manuela hafner from the city administration "who did all the work". "That is what we are here for", she says.