Public utilities: supply secured

public utilities: supply secured

In the last few days, the summer has shown its best side, but with temperatures above 35 degrees, this also affects the groundwater level. "We can assure the burghers of forchheim that the water supply is guaranteed even in these hot days", christian sponsel, technical manager of the stadtwerke forchheim, explains in a press release.

At present, the average amount of drinking water withdrawn per day is about 5500 cubic meters. On a rainy autumn day, it is about 1000 cubic meters less. One of the reasons for the increase is certainly the watering of the garden.

Advice to garden owners

In order to make the work of the municipal utility easier, christian sponsel asks the people of forchheim to do the following: "please turn off your watering systems for your garden between 2 a.M. And 4 a.M.". During this time, we take measurements in our pipe system to better locate any water leaks or minor pipe bursts that may exist."


The stadtwerke forchheim invests annually in the city’s drinking water supply. New water pipes continuously reduce pipe bursts and thus water loss. At the same time, they work together with the farmers in the zweng water conservation area.

Four highbrow moths

In addition, forchheim has nine shallow wells and four elevated reservoirs, so that this complex interplay leads to a secure drinking water supply.

In addition to the fully automatic control system, the employees of the forchheim municipal utility check the groundwater level and the full level in the elevated tanks at regular intervals – and even more frequently during a heat wave. These controls were to ensure that in the event of a sensor failure or other technical defect and at the same time higher water consumption, a manual demand for water from the wells could be made in order to prevent bottlenecks in supply.

The drinking water supply of the municipal utility is secured and constantly monitored. An economical and resource-saving use of the number one foodstuff contributes to sustainability.