Jungle camp 2018: matthias mangiapane – that’s why he chickened out before the test

Jungle camp 2018: matthias mangiapane - that's why he chickened out before the test

It's hard to believe, but in 2018 there are once again twelve self-promoters camping out in RTL's TV jungle. And that's not all: in season twelve of "i'm a star – get me out of here!" There are even two french representatives: tatjana gsell and matthias mangiapane.

And at least elective french mangiapane has already distinguished himself, even if not necessarily positively. Because the 34-year-old, from RTL appropriately the "10-star general" was, in a strangely choleric way, all too proud of his ten stars, which he almost won in a jungle competition, and all too angry with jenny frankhauser, who he thought had messed it up. No wonder RTL viewers voted him back into the jungle for day 3. And – no surprise – also for the fourth episode on monday evening.

Hammelburger breaks off

But one thing at a time. The third episode begins with matthias mangiapane in the test – at least almost, because he breaks off before he even tries it. The 34-year-old should collect stars in underwater chambers in a pool. Quickly it becomes clear to the underfranconian: "I can't do that. I already have anxiety because of the place. I'm sorry! I don't give a damn about the animals. The problem is being trapped under water!" And then he says the all-important words: "i'm a star – get me out of here!" The test is over, so no stars, no food for the starving RTL troupe. And that even though he had bragged so much about his performance the day before.

But despite hunger, his comrades-in-arms do not scold him, but instead build up the now tearful, self-doubting matthias. But how can they be angry, he reports extensively and self-critically – this time, however, not in dazzling, but in very dark colors. "Five chambers under water, some filled only with air. I could not take the exam. I said I would do it, went into the water and dived twice. And then I see this box where I'm supposed to stick my head in… And I panicked. People, really panic! I could not go down there. No animal has been in the box. " Nevertheless matthias is sad and disappointed with himself: "i can think of something better than admitting my weaknesses in front of all germany."

All photos from day 3 in the television camp

But actually the common IBES-candidate likes to do that or at least has to do it. Because that's what he's paid for – those intimate little stories that you only read about in the tabloids, and those moments when the supposed celebrity is all weak.

For some, australia offers the opportunity to show themselves from a different, better side for once. But we have learned in twelve years of jungle format that this doesn't always work out and that it can also go very wrong. So, until january 2017, germany probably also had a good opinion of thomas hassler, but that's another story.

Back to the candidates 2018: because not only drama belongs to the jungle camp, but also sex, the ladies went swimming with ansgar brinkmann in the pond and hit on him a bit, at least that's what the script of the private channel wanted the audience to believe. It remains to be seen whether this is a precursor to the crowning of the jungle king. Now first of all matthias mangiapane must return to the test.