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Munnerstadt’s construction crew at the spring cleanup

Munnerstadt's construction crew at the spring cleanup

Spring work had to be postponed again and again because of frost and bad weather. Now the head of the building yard, stefan sluzar, is hoping that the weather will cooperate to some extent this week and in the weeks to come. The paths and playgrounds throughout the city are to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Started the bauhof employees on the damm. There the winter, but also the braveheartbattle have left their mark. It is the roads and paths that have been particularly affected by the constant change from frost to thaw this year. "We are in the process of eliminating the most serious traffic hazards", says sluzar. This year, the condition of the roads connecting fridritt to fridritt and wermerichshausen to seubrigshausen is particularly bad. The old roads were not built for the loads of today’s traffic.But sluzar woman: "no one can pay for rubbing out". So they are being repaired.
A construction yard team is currently taking care of the gravel paths in the entire city area. There are several in the city center alone. The footpaths along the flood embankment require special attention. Because it is not only a matter of providing walkers with a proper recreational area, but also of the best possible maintenance of the dam as a protective facility.

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Egg recall due to salmonella risk – bavaria is also affected

Egg recall due to salmonella risk - Bavaria is also affected

Salmonella found in free-range eggs during inspections. According to several media reports, the eggs were sold in branches of aldi nord, penny and REWE. According to the augsburger allgemeine, stores in brandenburg, saxony-anhalt, saxony, thuringia – and bavaria are affected. It is not yet clear to which stores the contaminated eggs were delivered.

Affected eggs are easy to identify

Eggs that may have been contaminated with salmonella are easy to identify: they are printed with the code 1-DE-1504401 and have a best-before date between the 20th and 20th day of the month.09.2017 and the 12.10.2017. Those who bought affected eggs can bring them back to the retailer.

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Kkb: no one bowls better

Kkb: no one bowls better

Untersteinach/kulmbach – the participants of the end-of-season party of the private bowling association (pkv) kulmbach and surroundings, which took place for the fifth time this year in the hall of the kulmbacher kleinkunst-brettla (KKB) in untersteinach, experienced a very entertaining evening with some acclaimed spontaneous falls. As always, the most successful individual bowlers and the best teams of the three groups were awarded prizes.
The outstanding data and facts of the past season were again summarized by sporting director werner spindler in an impressive set of figures. Accordingly, the 13 clubs of the pkv fielded a total of 175 active players in 28 teams. 350 times they reached or exceeded the 200-wood mark, ten of them even over 240 woods. The highest team score on a match day was by no means achieved by the old and new champion LK limmersdorf, but by the runner-up KC herlas with 1079 wood, followed by schwarzer panther untersteinach with 1070 wood and kegelfreunde melkendorf with 1067 wood. In one match the opponents tied, four times the happy winner left the track with a single wood advantage.
According to the sports director, the question of promotion and relegation remains open. A decision can only be made once it has been determined how many teams will be competing in the next season (entries must be received by 30 september). June at W. Spindler). The current rule that the two best teams from the lower groups are automatically promoted and the two teams at the bottom of the table from the upper groups are automatically relegated no longer works if the number of teams continues to fall. For a sensible grouping, a different rule may be necessary.
Pkv-chairman michael pohlmann had again some thoughts about bowling, which should not be taken too seriously, and recited them with a guitar at the beginning of the match.

Fight against local celebrities?

In his witty greeting, kulmbach mayor frank wilzok suggested a celebrity match between a pkv selection and a team of local politicians before the start of the next pkv season. He also promised that he would try to get the city of kulmbach to provide a new challenge cup for the best pkv team, because the previous cup had passed into the possession of the lindenkegler from limmersdorf after winning it three times.
Strong applause also for deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann, who presented the district challenge cup to runner-up KC herlas and praised all the pkv clubs for their efforts great performances and changed the three letters KKB to "nobody bowls better".
The challenge cup of the city of burgkunstadt was presented by horst bormann of the bandlschiebern to gut holz kulmbach. For the champion of group 2 there was the cup of the wahlergemeinschaft kulmbach, which ralf hartnack presented to the bowling friends 66. Bandlschieber burgkunstadt II received the giant inge aures trophy from michael pohlmann as group 3 champion.
The KKB band played a major role in the success of the evening, providing the best musical atmosphere from the very beginning. Bernd wunder

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Spd plans to increase truck tolls

Bavarian SPD wants to extend truck tolls to all federal and state roads. This is the demand of the infrastructure motion to be passed at the SPD party conference in amberg on saturday. SPD state leader florian pronold said in munich on tuesday that it was mainly trucks that were breaking the roads. The extension of the truck toll was two to three billion euros more money in the coffers spool. The car toll demanded by the CSU can be dispensed with.
Social democrats also push for shifting freight traffic to the railways. The proposal also stipulates that in the future, transport projects will be implemented according to a clear list of priorities. In addition, the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure was to be given priority over new construction as a rule. The SPD wants to launch a special program worth 200 million euros to make bavarian train stations accessible to the handicapped.
Another topic at the state party conference will be the controversial sale of the GBW housing company. SPD top candidate christian ude wants to speak on this issue. SPD party vice-president manuela schwesig also announced her support for the care allowance.
At the infrastructure party conference, the SPD leadership actually wanted to win over the base for the expansion of the munich airport. After the burgers' vote against the third runway, however, this conflict issue has been postponed for "the next ten years" done, pronold said. 

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Researchers study swarm behavior

researchers study swarm behavior

At first glance, the small fish seem a little disoriented. The cichlids swim back and forth in their tank, and every now and then an animal leaves the group but soon returns.

Alex jordan sees more in the movements of the fish than just simple swimming around – the biologist conducts research at the university of konstanz on how animals behave in black pools. Specifically, they look at how the group influences the behavior of the individual and vice versa.

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Methane on mars comes from meteorites

Methane on Mars comes from meteorites

For many experts, the methane deposits discovered nine years ago in the atmosphere of the inhospitable planet were considered an indication of extraterrestrial life.

The international team of scientists had irradiated parts of a meteorite under mars conditions with ultraviolet light, whereupon the gas molecules formed. "Methane is formed from countless small micro-meteorites and interplanetary dust particles that land on the surface of mars from space," explained atmospheric chemist frank keppler. "The energy is provided by the extremely strong ultraviolet radiation."The results have been published in the scientific journal "nature".

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