Almost unreal

Almost unreal

An artist could not paint them more already. The butterflies or day and night butterflies of french switzerland are colorful iridescent wonders of nature. The region with its lean and semi-lean dry grasslands is a paradise for butterflies. At least this is what many hobby-lepidoptrologists, as butterfly researchers also call them. And just as dagmar nowak and lothar lindner from beucha near leipzig are called.
Some people who have driven past the vacation home of the zutt family in christanz in the ahorn valley in the evenings of the past few days may have wondered: what is that bluish light on the balcony??
The rats' solution: dagmar nowak and lothar lindner are sitting next to a "black light" and a white screen and a white screen and wait. You wait until a night butterfly finally can't resist the light anymore. Then they wait until they can catch the animal with a transparent plastic cup with air holes. The butterflies dead dagmar nowak and lothar lindner however not and also leave the fingers of praparieren. They only dope the butterflies with ether to determine their species.

"As gentle on nature as possible"

When the two butterfly lovers have photographed the animals from both sides, they release them again.
For their purposes, dagmar nowak and lothar lindner even have an exemption from the government of upper franconia. It runs exactly as long as their vacation in french switzerland and says, among other things, that they were allowed to capture the butterflies with the help of artificial light sources on the balcony of the vacation apartment in christanz.
Dagmar nowak and her partner are obliged to "protect nature as much as possible" to proceed. They were allowed to stun the animals with ether, though. However, "killing the animals is not allowed", it says among other things in the multi-page decision of the upper nature conservation authority. In addition, the butterfly researchers had to submit the species lists to the government of upper franconia after completing their work. "It's not that easy to get such an exemption," says the 73-year-old lindo, says 73-year-old lindner.
He only became a butterfly lover because of his one year younger life dagmar nowak. Today, both are members of the entonological society of leipzig and volunteers at the natural history museum of leipzig.

The french is a "paradise

The insect and plant diversity in french switzerland is unique, says lindner. The nature reserves around pottenstein and the juniper heaths near haselbrunn are particularly rich in species.
At the pottenstein high court, for example, there are rare and highly endangered butterfly species, such as the small vine warbler. The two butterfly researchers were not allowed to capture the animals in nature reserves, but they were allowed to photograph them. Also rare is the fritillary butterfly, a butterfly that linder and nowak caught on the balcony of their vacation apartment.
Likewise the "striped grass bar", the "red clover blue, the "schwarzrand harlequin, the "blackberry moth or even the "female tiger moth. According to lindner, there are 146 diurnal and more than 3500 nocturnal butterfly species in our area. The bulk of them occurs in the french before. This is a "paradise for butterflies, rejoices lindner again.