The high-flyers have landed softly

The captains, who once were with their passengers and the "chartbreakers," criticized the band that flew to the promised rock'n'roll paradise on their CD of the same name still have their pilot's license. Only flying is no longer done. In contrast to the turn of the millennium, when everyone was talking about the trio founded in 1995 in the beer town, today the kulmbach punk airline bakes smaller bread.

Musicians mourn their weddings? "No", bassist thomas pannek admits without further ado, while singer and guitarist jens gnan nods at him. The two blacks of a sparing time, but one that also had its downsides. "In the end, many fans were only interested in having a wild party, and not in the music anymore. Even during quiet ballads there was a lot of pogo dancing", pannek remembers. At the time, he says, people were too concerned about what would appeal to the public and what wouldn't.

Times have changed in the meantime. Many of the people who were at the concerts back then left kulmbach for professional reasons or started a family. The number of fans has become more manageable. Today you can play much more freely without being forced to, say the musicians in a tone of conviction. That has also left its mark on the ensemble's style: "we are no longer a pure party band. Today we make music more for the head than for the legs", emphasizes pannek.

Professional career was possible

Supraregional concerts, a radio appearance at bayern 3, an appointment at a record company "jumpin' juice" were on the verge of a breakthrough to a rough professional career. Musicians don't cry over missed chances. "One label in hamburg even had an interview coach and a styling consultant at the ready", jens remembers with horror. He clarifies: "we did not want to sell our soul to the commercial devil." The end of the story: the kulmbach actors kept their musical freedom.