Three rough proposals submitted to the committee

Three rough proposals submitted to the committee

Several motions were submitted to the forchheim city council on thursday afternoon. None of this was discussed, however, as the motions were referred to the relevant committees. Among other things, this included the inclusion of several mabnahmen in the isek catalog for kersbach.

In addition, there was a motion regarding the spvgg jahn forchheim, but it was rejected at the special meeting on this topic on 2. November is to be discussed. Mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) said he knew that this was "not the happiest of dates" but he hoped that all council members were able to attend the meeting anyway.

Ulrich schurr buried the "urgent need" for a new city council member he expressed his wish that the city would publish the meeting documents as soon as possible so that the council members could prepare themselves well. Kirschstein then assured that the documents would be received by the municipal politicians two weeks before the meeting.

The third major motion put on the agenda by the CSU and the "freie wahlern" was the demand for culture. Udo schonfelder, as CSU faction chairman, also brought two cultural development plans as an example. The group demands that the development of the aforementioned cultural development concept should be given first priority. In addition, the city council had to clarify the tasks of the cultural advisor katja browarzik. The free voters also demand a precise description of the cultural officer’s area of responsibility.
In addition, a fundamental discussion about the value of culture as a location factor for the city of forchheim is necessary. This topic was passed on to the culture committee.

At the beginning of the meeting, the city council had accepted the transfer of gunther hammer from the SPD to the CSU city council faction without any dissenting votes.