88-Year-old shoplifter runs away

After a shoplifting on monday at 13.45 o’clock in a discount market at the viktoriabrunnen, an 88-year-old man from coburg fled after being confronted by the sales staff, from the store. This is what the coburg police department has to say.

The pensioner was observed by a saleswoman taking food from the shelf and putting it in his trouser pockets. He paid a part of the goods at the cash desk. However, he had goods worth 7.15 euros in his pockets and wanted to leave the building with them. In the entrance area of the market, a saleswoman approached him about shoplifting. The rustic man, however, did not bother to stay until the police arrived on the scene, tore himself away from the saleswoman and fled to fub in the direction of the ketschenanger. In the meantime, police officers were able to apprehend the 88-year-old shoplifter near the intersection with the help of the shoplady, who had been following him during his escape. The pensioner still had the stolen goods with him. The coburg police department is investigating the man for robbery, attempted assault and shoplifting.