Deputy group chairman klaus adelt encourages comrades in arms

At the annual general meeting of the poxdorf-effeltrich-langensendelbach SPD local association, the members around local association chairwoman wilmya zimmermann buried state parliament member and deputy parliamentary group chairman klaus adelt from selbitz (hof district). In addition to his own constituency of hof, adelt has also been responsible for the district of forchheim since the last state parliamentary elections.

"As second chairman of the arborist association hof, i have known the district of forchheim for a long time and in particular several tree nurseries from poxdorf and effeltrich personally", emphasized adelt.

The mdl, who was mayor of selbitz from 1990 to 2013, is a member of the committee for municipal issues and spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group on issues relating to the rural area. Against this backdrop, he called for an improvement in local public transport (opnv) in rural areas as well.

In this respect, the district of forchheim is well provided for, for example, with the nurnberg-bamberg suburban train line in the western part of the district. But there is considerable potential for improvement, especially in the northeastern part of the district. A good public transport system for rural areas is also important in terms of equal opportunities in education and training. "If, due to a lack of local transport links, it is not possible today for a young person to obtain the vocational and educational qualifications he or she wants, that is a clear disadvantage of the countryside that we cannot accept", declared adelt. In addition, an efficient public transport system as an alternative to individual transport also makes a significant contribution to climate protection.

Stockfish traders with wagons

In this context, the part-time stockfish trader with his own sales van, with which he is represented at many fairs and markets during the season, explained that he was not surprised by the result of the referendum on species protection. It shows the growing environmental awareness of the population. However, it is not enough to sign a petition for a referendum. "Everyone is called upon to make a contribution to species protection and sustainability in their own actions", he demanded.

With a view to the european elections, adelt made it clear that it was important for the SPD to create a "social europe" to shape. It is unacceptable that multinational corporations pay almost no taxes in a country with a low tax rate.

At the end of his speech, adelt gave the delegates an important message to take away with them. The result of the state elections was painful and disappointing, but nevertheless we have to look forward again. His own 25 percent in the last state election, the best result of all SPD direct candidates, was his desired goal for the entire SPD.

In the new elections for the local association’s executive committee, the members opted for continuity: former european delegate wilmya zimmermann was confirmed in office for a further two years as chairwoman. Gisela marquardt, the second mayor of poxdorf, was elected as the new deputy chairwoman.

Secretary remains simon berninger, member of the langensendelbach town council. Also re-elected were andy lutz as treasurer and the district parliamentary group chairman wolfgang fees and helmut seidel as treasurer.