Spd plans to increase truck tolls

Bavarian SPD wants to extend truck tolls to all federal and state roads. This is the demand of the infrastructure motion to be passed at the SPD party conference in amberg on saturday. SPD state leader florian pronold said in munich on tuesday that it was mainly trucks that were breaking the roads. The extension of the truck toll was two to three billion euros more money in the coffers spool. The car toll demanded by the CSU can be dispensed with.
Social democrats also push for shifting freight traffic to the railways. The proposal also stipulates that in the future, transport projects will be implemented according to a clear list of priorities. In addition, the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure was to be given priority over new construction as a rule. The SPD wants to launch a special program worth 200 million euros to make bavarian train stations accessible to the handicapped.
Another topic at the state party conference will be the controversial sale of the GBW housing company. SPD top candidate christian ude wants to speak on this issue. SPD party vice-president manuela schwesig also announced her support for the care allowance.
At the infrastructure party conference, the SPD leadership actually wanted to win over the base for the expansion of the munich airport. After the burgers' vote against the third runway, however, this conflict issue has been postponed for "the next ten years" done, pronold said.