Jurgen wittman and his multifaceted profession

Jurgen wittman and his multifaceted profession

It could hardly be more scarce. Jurgen wittmann had a ten-vote lead over his competitor, andre dehler of the free-choice party, on the evening of 30 june. March 2014, when the runoff election for the office of mayor was paid off. Wittmann thus became the successor to kurt bernreuther (SPD). 14 days earlier, two other candidates, werner kaiser of the CSU and gunther peinelt of the SPD, had already dropped out in the first round of the municipal elections.

1.Here I can give a clear yes. I enjoy it immensely because it is a very multi-faceted and complex office. There are always new tasks coming up that I didn’t think I would get involved with at first. But it is fun to experience something new every day and also to see how the ideas are slowly being turned into reality.

2.In the past three years, we have already been able to implement or at least initiate many projects together with the municipal council. I am very grateful to the members of the municipal council for this. The local supply has been improved. The gruber market friday takes place on every second and fourth friday of the month at the town hall. Around ten retailers offer their regional products on a regular basis and are very popular with customers. Together with the catering offer of local associations the market is very successful. It has developed into a social meeting place. A five-digit sum for charitable purposes has been "brought in and many associations’ coffers have been improved. In the course of optimizing the street lighting, the focus was clearly on the schulstrabe, since cables were in poor condition here. Construction work has already started in 2016. The suc and telekom have joined forces and are making preparations for fiber optic connections. As a former employee of an energy supply company, i can put my professional experience to good use for the good of the community. Another project that is close to my heart is the settlement of business enterprises. I was able to get the deadlocked negotiations from the past back on track through constructive language. The new zeickhorn business park has succeeded in attracting its first industrial company, whose products are successfully used in more than 30 countries. The goal is to realize further industrial settlements. The expansion of broadband coverage by telekom is very pleasing for the community. The underserved parts of the town, which currently have less than 16 megabits per second, will benefit here. These are above all the west settlement, the upper area of holln, and the districts of roth am forst, forsthub, and zeickhorn. Further demand funds are available and can be used for further expansion.
3. We were able to get a lot of things off the ground, but I am disappointed that we did not "get the cow off the ice" with regard to the referendum. As you have already learned from the media, the town council is currently considering a referendum asking the citizens whether they would like to continue having a weekly market behind the town hall every two weeks on fridays from 2 p.M. Onwards. I have to say, I assumed that during the last community council meeting on 15. May were decided not to require this referendum. The community will ultimately have to bear costs of around. 4500 euros. Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to reconcile the differing points of view. But I am optimistic enough to know that not everyone can always be of the same opinion. It is important that we find a consensus that we, and above all the citizens of grub am forst, can live with.

4. For me personally, the continuation of the weekly market behind the town hall is significant. It’s absolutely a matter for the boss. I am thinking here especially of our older mitburger. Local supply must be guaranteed. 775 valid signatures from around 2380 residents in just three days for a weekly market behind the town hall speak a clear language. That’s why I would like to see constructive and open cooperation from all members of the municipal council for the good of our citizens in the next three years.

5. On the initiative of bernd reisenweber, chairman of the bavarian municipal association in the coburg district, several mayors from the coburg district took a bus to the federal network agency in berlin in spring 2016 to speak out against further power lines in the coburg district. When the bus tried to leave after refueling at a rest stop, unfortunately nothing happened. The bus simply would not start. Without further ado, the mayors got out and pushed the bus to. With our combined efforts, we managed to get the bus back on the road again. It is a pity that the editor of the coburger tageblatt, berthold kohler, did not have time to take a photo of this event. He had to push along…