Utilization of opportunities is a shortcoming for the fck

Utilization of opportunities is a shortcoming for the fck

Concerns chairman fred sommer has not. "It certainly won't be easy, but I can't imagine that we'll be in a relegation spot at the end of the season, he is convinced. "There's just too much potential in our team for that."
The kronach team has repeatedly demonstrated this potential in the 19 games it has played so far, not least against the top teams. Sommer recalls in particular the goalless draw against top-ranked ZV thierstein and the 2-1 win at third-placed kirchenlaibach-speichersdorf.

And he also mentions the clear 1:5 defeat in the catch-up game at FC steinbach-durrenwaid. "We clearly had to drive, missed a penalty at 2:1 and had a shot at the post immediately afterwards. And in the end we lost 1:5", argues the chairman.
In most of the games, the FCK's major shortcoming became clear: although many chances were created, there was a huge lack of exploitation of them. "We had several penalties and I don't think we converted any of them; that shows everything," he says, says summer.

Spat concedes the equalizer
The consequences have been serious: the kronach team has played to a draw eight times; in most cases they had to win, for example in bayreuth or against TSV steinberg, when they conceded the equalizer in injury time in each case. "If we had won five of them and lost the other three, then we had seven more points and were in the middle of the field, he reckons up.

If he has one criticism to make of the team and its player-coach christian karl, it's that "sometimes you just have to force your luck. We have to work on that", he says. The fact that the young attackers like andreas bohnlein and max mayer often still lack the necessary calmness in front of the goal is something he, who himself is the "second" goalkeeper, can understand trained, understand. But often it's also concentration or cleverness that's to blame.

However, fred sommer is not worried about the remaining 15 games of the second half of the season, especially since the team has hardly ever played worse than its opponents. His optimism is also based on the fact that important players like lukas kraus and pablo sommer have been absent for a long time and have only made a few appearances so far. After the winter break he also expects the return of lucas beierwaltes. "If everyone is fit again and the knot finally breaks in the attack, we should get the points to stay in the league", he is convinced.
He hopes that the fact that former coach franz bauer has agreed to support the team from the bench again as often as possible will make another small contribution to the team's goal of staying in the league.