20 Children received their first communion

20 children received their first communion

A momentous day in the lives of 20 girls and boys was sunday’s first communion.
Accompanied by their parents, siblings, godparents and relatives, the communion children marched from the elementary school to the catholic parish church in altenkunstadt to the sound of the altenkunstadt musicians. The lovingly decorated house of worship was filled with the opening song "let our lives be a celebration" .
A rough tree in the sanctuary drew the eye, with each leaf on the branches bearing the name of one of the communicants. "Jesus, our tree of life was to be read and put this event also during the festive service into the center of attention.
Father boniface wished all the boys and girls that the communion children may continue to grow in their experiences, faith and love on this tree of life called jesus. After renewing their baptismal confession, they received the eucharist as the high point of the service. Many communion children and their relatives came to the catholic parish church again in the afternoon for the thanksgiving service.