Udo pollmer makes farmers happy with his high regard for pure carnal pleasure

Not long ago, the scientific journalist and business consultant udo pollmer was still feared by the agricultural industry because of his provocative statements, but now farmers love him. Pollmer breaks a lance for carnality and rages against vegetarianism. The verband fur landwirtschaftliche fachbildung (vlf) and the verband landwirtschaftlicher meister und ausbilder (VLM) invited the controversial author to kulmbach.
When udo pollmer is on a list of speakers, one thing is certain: what he will say is unbelievable. The trained food chemist likes to be provocative. In the beginning, he was criticized by the agricultural community for his theories on nutrition. In the meantime, they are happy to invite him. For pollmer swears by pure carnality. "It’s okay to eat soy. But only if you are a pig", says pollmer, for example. Soy makes you aggressive. It loosens allergies. Therefore, it must not be given to children under any circumstances. But these theses are only the beginning. Pollmer is even clearer: "if your wife makes you tofu patties, then she has completed her family planning", pollmer said during his lecture in kulmbach. Soybeans, if the harvest is poor, have the ability to influence the hormones of their female friends and make them infertile. This also has an effect on humans.
"People who eat meat get healthy faster", explained pollmer. For him, this is proof that the trend toward vegetarianism has been clearly rejected. "How to improve the eco-balance of asparagus?", pollmer asked the audience: for his answer, he put up just one picture: a picture with a small portion of asparagus, a few potatoes and a thick portion of ham.
The journalist, who has written numerous books, advised against the trend toward vegetarianism because raw foods are more microbiologically contaminated than cooked foods. "The EHEC germs came from a vegan organic farm, by the way," pollmer said. The media did not report on this at first because it was "healthy food" acted.
Smoothies are one big nutritional lie, pollmer warns. Because, he claims, disease germs proliferate in such foodstuffs.
At his lecture in kulmbach, the food chemist took a close look at water consumption, which is repeatedly cited as a theory for low-meat diets. "15,000 liters of water are used for the production of one kilo of meat. If i extrapolate that to the weight of a bull, it would consume ten million liters of water," he said, veggi criticizes the survey method. The rain is included in the calculation example. In rainy regions, water consumption could rise to as much as 35,000 liters per kilo of meat.
Farmers, however, are pleased about the rejection of vegetarianism. At the district meeting, anita sack, heike schleicher, martina wehrfritz and district administrator klaus peter sollner were awarded the silver badge of honor of the association for agricultural education.
District administrator klaus peter sollner emphasized that kulmbach has a close relationship with agriculture. With the competence center for food, the enjoyment academy and a future office of the university of bayreuth on the subject of food, kulmbach is very close to this area in terms of content. "Without our agriculture, we could not speak of the enjoyment region of upper franconia", sollner stressed.