Who will prevail in the jura?

The decision for the mayoralty of stadelhofen is between volker will (uwg) and wolfgang schrauder (CSU). Last sunday, the representative of the non-partisan electoral community received 46.3 percent of the vote, the CSU man 37.7 percent. The third-place finisher christian eberlein (jura wahlergruppe stadelhofen), however, missed the runoff election with just under 16 percent of the votes.

Volker will lives in wolkendorf. The 44-year-old is a warehouse manager and has been a member of the town council for six years. 58-year-old wolfgang schrauder has been third mayor so far. The innkeeper and farmer has been a member of the local CSU association in steinfeld/ stadelhofen since 1997 and has been a member of the town council for many years.

As part of our small series, we have now asked two supporters of the two remaining competitors for their arguments as to why they consider will or schrauder to be the right successor to ludwig gohl (uwg).

The runoff election will also define the future balance of power in the stadelhofen town council: according to the preliminary results of the town council election, the CSU and uwg will each have five seats, while the JWS will have two. Depending on who becomes mayor, however, the CSU or the uwg will be succeeded by one more council member.

Otto will: speaking for wolfgang schrauder…

I don’t vote for a party, I vote for the person wolfgang schrauder. Wolfgang has the talent to make everyone welcome and like him with his charming manner.

Wolfgang brings the people together. That’s what he did at the "950 years of steinfeld" festival proved himself with bravura. I am sure that he will be a worthy representative for our community in public and in cooperation with the authorities with his friendly and authoritative manner. He was the only councillor to attend the opening days of the ilek program. Where was the rest? At that time, no one seemed to be interested, and there was no election to be held.

Wolfgang stands up for citizens in all parts of the town. The citizens of robdorf, for example, listened at the meeting. Wolfgang has immediately taken the initiative and in the next meeting of the municipal council has made a request for a permanently installed traffic monitoring station. The application was approved for robdorf as well as for wotzendorf and eichenhull. Wolfgang can be counted on!

Taking responsibility, organizational skills and the willingness to help others is something he has learned and internalized since he was a child. What would our villages be without volunteerism?? These are often tasks with a lot of work and little glory. Wolfgang is not too shy and makes his time available for this purpose. I know what I’m talking about, for example, I used to put up the christmas tree in the village, now wolfgang does it. He is continuing traditions, and I think that’s very good. As a self-employed person, wolfgang is always available quickly, at any time and without complications. Many of us know that no matter what the issue, he is always available. That is simply not possible as an employee.

Currently, the question of what a mayor must be able to do or bring to the table is more urgent than ever. It’s time to stick together in federal politics and more importantly in our communities.

His experience and good network as a municipal councilor and 3. Mayors will be an advantage for us here.

There will be no time for a long training period. I trust that wolfgang will work as usual and make the necessary decisions prudently. The best for all, wolfgang schrauder, that’s who i choose.

Martin schmitt: speaking for volker will…

Iebe citizens, my name is martin schmitt, I am 22 years old, I come from wotzendorf and today I would like to convince you why you should once again exercise your right to vote and cast your vote for volker will. Volker, as a young, committed and above all down-to-earth candidate, is exactly the right person for the office of mayor, especially in today’s hysterical times. With his open and authentic manner, he is ideally suited to lead the community in a forward-looking manner, hopefully for the next few terms of office.

He has been demonstrating these leadership qualities for quite some time, whether as a soccer coach, as a camp manager in a community-owned business, or as an innkeeper in his business in wolkendorf. Through his open and honest dealings with the citizens, he always has an open ear and always tries to consider and fairly weigh all sides. I am convinced that volker does not advertise with empty promises, but pursues clear and, above all, feasible goals, be it with regard to the demands of commercial and agricultural enterprises or the preservation of our diverse natural and cultural landscape. This also includes the support of the clubs and organizations that shape the everyday life of our community and with which volker has been deeply rooted for many years.

As a young citizen, it is important to me to live in an attractive community where it is worthwhile to build your own future. For me, this includes a well-developed infrastructure as well as the possibility for young families to settle in the community without the living environment losing quality. Again, I firmly believe that volker will work for all generations to not only maintain but also improve the quality of life in our beautiful community, whether by maintaining the school and day care center or providing support for the elderly.

All in all, volker is, in my opinion, the optimal mayor to lead our community honestly, fairly and, above all, close to the burghers, on a good path and not only to maintain the cosiness and beauty of our jura community, but also to expand it.