The healing significance of sound

The healing significance of sound

The oberaurach burger project "burgers help burgers" invited a few days ago to an extraordinary sound event in the "sternstubla" in trossenfurt. The speaker, sound therapist ursula diroll, took the listeners into the world of sounds. She informed about tibet, the country of origin of the singing bowls, and how the secret knowledge was passed on from the monasteries. She also explained the importance of sound, its effect on the human body, and its potential for use in the private sphere as well as in social institutions and in the health sector. She explained that sound is energy that moves from cell to cell through the body.

Introduction to the instruments

Afterwards ursula diroll presented all the instruments used in this form of sound therapy and talked about their variety of tones and the importance of the overtones. To the remarkable equipment numbers: cymbal and temple bell, which free the mind; 13 different coarse singing bowls, which are set up and played according to the human energy system; furthermore a sound couch strung with piano strings and a monochord; the male tam tam and the female feng gong, which do a remarkable job; a whole body bowl, in which the sound moves upwards in a spiral form through the body of the person played on, and existing blockages gradually dissolve. An impressive sound experience followed for the women. For this purpose, the participants lay down on the couches provided to facilitate deep relaxation, which was not difficult for them. Because the sound carpet that spread in the room had a very soothing and harmonizing effect.
At the end, the listeners, now noticeably balanced and decelerated, spoke about their experiences. Organizer anita amend summed up that they have successfully entered a new terrain. There have already been many lectures on orthodox medicine at "burgers helping burgers" given. The women made the experience that sound therapy can be regarded as a health precaution, since pollutants are eliminated by the newly stimulated cell vibration and therefore each cell is detoxified. Ursula diroll emphasized that sounds cleanse the body and activate the metabolism.

Further events

"Burgers help burgers" offers further events until the summer break: on monday, 18. June, michael oppel from untersteinbach informs at 7 pm about bread and healthy food. Wolfgang hohensee from trossenfurt will give a lecture on friday, 27th. July, 7 p.M. On the topic of "funeral provisions – one less thing to worry about".