Us imposes new sanctions against russia over ukraine

uS imposes new sanctions against russia over ukraine

The seizures are aimed at individuals and several companies that accuse the U.S. Of doing business in crimea, which was annexed by russia, to advance russian interests, the U.S. Special envoy for the ukrainian conflict, kurt volker, announced on thursday.

"The united states does not and will not recognize russia’s annexation of the crimea," volker said in a telephone interview with journalists. Russia also has de facto control over the conflict areas in eastern ukraine, where the humanitarian situation is "catastrophic," he added.

Russia annexed crimea in march 2014. The U.S. And the EU condemn the actions as contrary to international law and have imposed sanctions against moscow. Since 2014, government forces in eastern ukraine have been fighting pro-russian rebels backed by moscow. According to the UN, more than 10 people have already been killed in the conflict.000 people have been killed. A peace plan is on ice.

Russia’s deputy eagle minister sergei rjabkov criticized the u.S. Move. All attempts to influence russia through sanctions are doomed to failure, he said, according to russian media. Moscow will not submit to pressure from the U.S. However, the SPD is still interested in normalizing relations with washington. In return, however, this meant that the USA refrained from "blackmail attempts".

U.S. Special envoy volker said he supported a possible U.N. Peacekeeping mission for eastern ukraine, but that russia was "very far away" from approving it. He said he plans to meet with his russian counterpart vladislav surkov in the coming weeks.