Despite winning the lottery: instead of 24.000 euros nothing won

Despite winning the lottery: instead of 24.000 euros nothing won

The 71-year-old made a crucial mistake: he played his system ticket with his customer card in the kiosk where he works and which, according to hessen lotto, belongs to his wife. However, according to the state treaty on gambling, neither the owners of sales outlets nor their employees are allowed to do so.

Around 24.According to his own information, henning had won 000 euros with this ticket. Now he gets instead the 36,25 euro stake refunded again. First the "bild"-zeitung had reported about it.

Henning himself says: "had i known that i would not be allowed to play here, i had not done so after all."Lotto hessen has a clear opinion on the case. The man "had to know what he was allowed to do and what he was not allowed to do," said press spokeswoman dorothee hoffmann. That owners and also employees were not allowed to play in their own outlet was part of the training that everyone received. "In this individual case it is very unfortunate", but the intention of the legislator is that owners and staff do not play themselves uncontrollably.

201 players were part of the virtual betting community that hit the right "6 out of 49" at the beginning of november with their lottery ticket. 3.2 million euros was the total winning amount according to lotto hessen. Each tipper receives a corresponding profit in a so-called system chance according to his purchased shares – "between 7500 and 75.000" had been the number in this case, said hoffmann.

Henning bought, according to his own words, three shares, which are about 24.000 euros had been worth. And in the process, as hoffmann also explained, it had been enough if henning had simply played in another outlet.

This is what the 71-year-old now wants to do in the future as well. Because after many years of lotto experience, he can not be dissuaded from continuing to type every wednesday, friday and saturday. Because henning is convinced: "you learn from your mistakes."