The german turk needs an extra grill?

the german turk needs an extra grill?

When everything revolves around sausage – as the people of coburg and upper franconia know – life can become existential. Social life, especially club life, was very active in the. Because the sausage is so important, the tennis club does not hesitate to spend a few thousand dollars on the XQ 3010. Unanimously decided at the members’ meeting, which the theater visitors listened to directly on their beer benches in this both funny and profoundly funny indoor riding arena production. Chairman heribert brasemann (thomas straus) kept a tight rein on the agenda. And off to the buffet. –

Denkste! It’s all about the sausage, the "turkenwurst". The hard-naked melanie (solvejg schomers) insists on buying a barbecue for the only muslim member of the club, erol (florian graf), because neither he nor his sausage should breathe pig’s vapor for religious reasons. Erol – lawyer, best tennis player in the club, what’s the point of all this talk about integration – he doesn’t want any extra sausage. But that doesn’t prevent the members of the association from getting involved in a "discussion" that is as ludicrous as it is revealing about everything and anything, being german, staying turkish, enlightenment, images of god, head kerchiefs, nazis, man and woman in themselves, male competition.

Does the word grillwurst appear in the koran at all?? How long did erol actually hug melanie, the wife of the obsessively funny pseudo-clearer torsten (nils liebscher), after the last victory?? "Germany is an oasis for ladylike kanaks and parasites", at some point, it is not the nazi-despicable, ever stinking matthias (frerk brockmeyer) who roars, but erol.

In the end it becomes violent. The court reporter (boris stark) on top of his arbitrator’s chair is at the end of his nerve.

And, what do you say?

The comedy by dietmar jacobs and moritz netenjakob, just premiered at the hamburger ohnsorg theater, is, so to speak, sucker good. Anyone who has ever been a member of any organization, association, party, parents’ council, knows the dynamics of good will to aggression. The authors depict the communication mechanisms and emotional roots of the masses in a pointed and accurate way, so that the audience has to swallow in all the laughter. The way everyone twists everyone’s words, how everything is suspiciously questioned and maliciously misconstrued, that alone is hanebuche enough, in normal life as in this sarcastic comedy. When firmly cemented prejudices, hidden hypocrisies and pragmatisms against all reason become visible under the surface of politeness and good-humoredness, there is no holding back any more for a prosperous coexistence.

When such an explosive, topical subject is packed so wittily and cleverly into a good hour and a half play, it gives the theater the best chance to have a socio-political effect in all amusement. Guest director andre robler (2017 he was already here for "good bayreuth") responsible) and his team of actors perform the revealing scene so aptly, and in a way that exposes all of our behavior, that this production can be nothing other than a great success.

Especially since the audience in the perfectly complementary stage area is embraced so lovingly by simone grabmann that they do not escape the not at all easy struggle for tolerance and their own position. They were allowed to hold on to their beer or wine in a tent atmosphere, supposedly sitting comfortably next to the quarreling club members, and soon they are forced to ask themselves what they really think about the "turkenwurst".

Landestheater coburg extrawurst. Comedy by dietmar jacobs and moritz netenjakob. Staging andre robler, stage and costume simone grabmann, light direction klaus brock, dramaturgy carola von gradulewski. Cast: thomas straus, frerk brockmeyer, florian graf, solvejg schomers, nils liebscher

Further performances 14., 15., 28. December, 8 pm; 29. December, 6 p.M.; 31. December, 3 and 8 pm, in the riding hall.

The authors dietmar jacobs, born in monchengladbach in 1967, and moritz netenjakob (born in poland in 1970) have both written numerous theater plays and screenplays, including for television series such as "stromberg. "Pastewa" and "murder with a view. They also write regularly for satire programs. Both have already received many awards. Moritz netenjakob also writes successful novels ("macho man", filmed with christian ulmen in the leading role.)