Test sitting in the new village barn

On saturday, the village barn passed its first trial run with flying colors: the new eye-catcher in the village center shone in bright splendor and its enchanting illumination was just as reminiscent of the upcoming christmas festival as the charming little budenstadt in the eaves area.

Also this year the local clubs of the floberdorf had put in a lot of effort to get the people in the mood for christmas in a special way. Whether tasteful christmas decorations, self-knitted socks, hats or scarves, self-prepared jam, likore as well as delicious cookies and stollen – the lovingly decorated sales booths offered great gift ideas for the most important holiday of the year.

So that the visitors could stay even longer, the village barn was included for the first time this year. They gratefully took the opportunity to sit together under the high roof of the barn and warm up.

Also the nicholas found praising words for the new center of the village and the rough engagement in the village. The christmas market was musically framed by young musicians of the music association. All were also invited to sing and play christmas songs together in the village barn.