No entry without a german passport?

No entry without a german passport?

Coburg- the coburg night run had over 1700 participants. Three african students were denied entry to the afterparty in the celebration room.
Sebastian drobner, who is studying in coburg, describes the situation on his blog: he wants to party with three student friends of african origin. But this does not happen, because his companion is not allowed to enter the party room by the bouncer. Reason: at the party only guests with german passport were wanted.
But the three africans standing on the sidelines are not even asked for identification documents. According to the doorman, the order comes from the boss: foreign partygoers have caused problems before. "Foreigners came in, but not those who "look" foreign, drobner describes the situation.
He and his friends then renounced the party. But you want to draw attention to the discrimination. This is not the first time he has been confronted with racism, says drobner. Foreign friends have often been turned away by bouncers: "often we can only conclude that there is pure racism behind a sentence like ‘not today’. But the bouncer explained to me that my friends couldn’t get in anyway because they didn’t have a german passport anyway. He has not even spoken to them yet."


Stephan guzik, owner of the party room and organizer of the afterparty of the night run, is first willing to talk to our newspaper, but then cancels the appointment, asks for questions by e-mail. Then he sends the following statement: "an order that only people with german passport are allowed to enter is wrong." The party room has a security service that basically carries out the entrance checks in a professional manner and with a great deal of experience, and solves problems, explains guzik.
Both germans and guests of other origins are affected by access bans. In the past, there have been cases where guests have been refused admission due to alcohol consumption etc. A high propensity to violence or wore a wrong outfit, and therefore could not be admitted.
"Especially when many guests are standing in front of the door and want to get in, our security forces have to get an idea of the guests within a few seconds. If there are any misunderstandings, we apologize for any inconvenience."

Not the first time

It is not the first time that the party room has been accused of discrimination. On the facebook page of the location you can find a 1-star rating: "racist willkur at the entrance. Again I was allowed in, but my two friends were not", a user complained a year ago. Drobner has also made his displeasure known on the facebook page of the nightclub. Guzik then threatened to sue him, says drobner. This in turn only motivates him even more. Together with his friends, he has already contacted the anti-discrimination office and intends to claim compensation for damages.
"Nevertheless, suing without a lawyer is quite difficult", rachel mukunzi, who was not admitted to the party, explains "and the public order office could not help us either".
Not being allowed in because of her origins was a profound experience for the student, who is still haunted by the incident. "Somehow one loses trust. Luckily I’m only in germany to study, after that I’d like to go back to my country."
Drobner, too, is disappointed by the actions of the party room operator: "a necessary and more appropriate reaction would have been to apologize and to make sure that no violations of the anti-discrimination law occur at future events."
Since 2006, germany has had the general equal treatment act (AGG), which regulates the claims and legal consequences of discrimination. Those affected have the right to sue for compensation and damages. But the student’s primary concern is something else: "the understanding is the most important thing for us." Instead of an identity card, he suggests, you could ask to see your student card.
The organizers of the night run, the running bros coburg, have called the affected people and published a clear statement online. It says: "since the founding of our association, we have stood for integration, openness and equal treatment and have consistently rejected any form of discrimination and racism."