Opponent massively choked

Because he had massively choked his opponent, a 17-year-old afghan national is now in custody following investigations by the criminal police and the public prosecutor's office in bamberg. At the request of the public prosecutor's office, a warrant was issued for the defendant's arrest for attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury on thursday.

Drinking alcohol

The two 17- and 18-year-old men were in a room in a shelter for asylum seekers early wednesday evening and were drinking alcohol, as the bamberg police reported. The two of them got into a verbal argument before it escalated. The 18-year-old lunged at his compatriot and strangled him with his collar. The 17-year-old then grabbed his attacker and severely choked him with both hands until members of the security service pulled him away from his adversary. Police officers arrested both manner shortly thereafter beforehand. The older man was taken to hospital by the ambulance service with minor injuries.
The criminal police of bamberg has taken up the investigation at the scene of the crime.