Flat-area broadband expansion

Flat-area broadband expansion

The entire weitramsdorf community area gets fast internet via fiber optics. To this end, the municipality will participate in the demand program for the construction of gigabit-capable broadband networks in the free state (bavarian gigabit guideline). Both decided the municipal council in its meeting on tuesday evening in the gymnasium of the rudolfreibenweber school in weidach unanimously.

Previously, joachim forst of forst consult had reported on the current status of broadband expansion in weitramsdorf. So far, the municipality does not have a network that can reliably transmit 100 mbit/s for private and 200 mbit/s for commercial connections, or that allows commercial properties to download 500 mbit/s. According to the directive that came into force in march, this means that it fulfills the requirements for a 90 percent subsidy in the entire municipality, which may not, however, exceed eight million euros per municipality.

The demand program provides for up to 6,000 euros per connection and even up to 9,000 euros for a current supply with less than 30 mbps. Another 50,000 euros will be granted for inter-municipal cooperation. In return, the municipality must make its network "non-discriminatory" making the network available to other network providers. Even an own empty pipe network can be subsidized, said dr. Forest from.

A total of 1258 connections are required: 590 in weitramsdorf, 427 in weidach, 117 in neundorf, 88 in altenhof, 22 in vogelherd, 10 in tambach and 4 in gersbach. The costs per connection vary from around 5900 euros for weidach to almost 43,000 euros in gersbach and add up to a total of just over 8.5 million euros. With a budget of 7,584,000 euros (including 36,000 euros for gersbach), weitramsdorf’s own share is just under 930,000 euros. The estimation did not take into account any empty tubes that may have been present.

Selection process starts

With the end of the market survey and the identification of the development area, the municipality can now enter the selection process. After evaluation and recommendation for the award of the contract, the request must be submitted to the district government. Once the notice of subsidy has been issued, the municipality can conclude a cooperation agreement with the selected network operator (economic gap model) or apply for the construction of the passive network infrastructure (operator model). At the end of the meeting, a research brief and the final project description were published. "This will be a long-term process in which repeated coordination discussions with the network operator will be necessary", so forst. For example, ongoing tree removals should be coordinated to take advantage of synergies. The municipality does not have to advance the entire money over five years. She could create interim use and thus already apply for claim funds.

Dominic juck (SPD) asked whether the installation of broadband to the home was eligible for funding. Up to the house transfer point yes, according to the expert, only the distribution in the house not. If a homeowner does not want to be connected, the network operator will reimburse the costs. However, he pointed out, a speed of 30 or 40 mbit/s might be sufficient today, but certainly not in a few years’ time.

The council finally followed forst’s recommendation "to use the offer with a demand quota of 90 percent". Mayor andreas carl (DGN) was pleased that weitramsdorf was one of the few communities that had already come this far and that, on top of that, it would receive the full demand.