Father abuses and beats to death infant – life imprisonment

father abuses and beats to death infant - life imprisonment

A father tormented, abused and finally murdered his 19-day-old son for hours out of jealousy – the monchengladbach regional court sentenced him to life in prison for his actions. The judges also found that the 26-year-old was particularly guilty.

Thus, after 15 years, he cannot apply for early release from liability. The man was found guilty of murder, aggravated abuse of a ward and aggravated sexual abuse.

Because the 25-year-old mother did not intervene, the judges sentenced her to two years’ imprisonment on probation for abuse of a ward by omission. The spectators reacted horribly to the comparatively mild sentence: the prosecution had demanded more than seven years’ imprisonment for manslaughter by omission.

The 25-year-old was in the bedroom next door during the father’s violent excesses. The judges assumed that the mother had been aware of the crime. But she had expected that the father would hurt the child at most out of clumsiness. "She stayed lying to show that she trusted him," said presiding judge lothar beckers.

The father had killed the boy out of mabless selfishness and jealousy, beckers said in his statement of the verdict. After the return of mother and son leo from the hospital, the father had become jealous.

On the night of the crime in october 2015, he gave the child the bottle and changed its diaper. The boy slipped out of his hand and fell with his head on the edge of the table. When the boy did not calm down, the man decided to kill the infant – and tortured him for hours: sat on his head, shook the boy, sexually abused him "in a barbaric act".