Who gave 14-year-old alcohol?

The participating groups offered a colorful spectacle to the numerous visitors at the traditional carnival in the carnival stronghold of stadtsteinach on sunday (we reported). The forces of the local police department, the fire department and the bavarian red cross were primarily occupied with some excessively intoxicated carnival friends at the event, which was largely peaceful.

A 14-year-old boy from the district had to be taken to the children’s hospital in bayreuth by the emergency services. Since he did not want to calm down or be treated due to his high level of alcohol, officers from the stadtsteinach police department had to accompany him. Where the teenager got the alcohol will be the central question of the stadtsteinach police investigation.

In the evening hours, a 24-year-old carnival jester, who was also heavily intoxicated, fell in the hauptstrabe without anyone being involved. When he attacked and lashes out at rushed sanitarians, officers from the police station took him into custody at the nearby station. There he could sleep off his drunkenness. The 24-year-old is now facing not only a criminal investigation but also a hefty bill for "accommodation costs.