True cult always remains in fashion

True cult always remains in fashion

Who doesn't know the cult band "old fashioneds"?, which made a name for itself throughout the county in the 70s and 80s and still has a loyal following today? The old rockers have been around as long as the rolling stones not on stage yet, but still. This year they can look back on 45 years of existence.

Now the band takes its place again on the stage and will, as all the years before, play at the kirchweih in neubrunn to dance for young and old.

1967 was the year of the foundation, at that time still under the name "mercuries" with the musicians rainer kandler, walter reinwand, otto derra and hans schorr. The venue of the first performance was of course the "tanzbar morgenroth", in which weekly the cultivated tanzvergnugen took place. Gunther geiling and later bernd heppt joined the band in the same year. The name of the band was changed in 1968 to "old fashioneds" changed, with bernd heppt and roland jager joining the band and then from 1970 also franz rodelmaier and arno stretz. 1971 again a small change took place, with hanni berwind, klaus rumer and temporarily ludwig persch joining the band.

Zasur 20 years ago
Until 1993 the band performed regularly in the dance halls in the district and far beyond and created a large fan base. After that smaller groups split off. Arno stretz and his wife christine as a well-known duo, hanni berwind preferred appearances as a solo entertainer, and franz rodelmaier can still be met today at numerous "wirtshaussingen" (inn singings) or also as leader of the neubrunner free time choir.
All band members have kept in touch with music and several times a year they still perform with the old line-up, as is the case now at the church festivities in neubrunn.

Drummer rainer kandler organizes this and continues to show his passion for music. "It is always fun to meet and play the hits and oldies of the 80s. I would actually like to maintain this as long as it is possible."

Musicians scattered far and wide
But this is not easy, because the musicians have families in the meantime and are also scattered in the direction of hofheim or wurzburg.

On saturday, 23. November, heibt it however again in the "heilig-lander-hall" with the musicians "oldies but goldies" or and for sure the fans of the earlier years will be there. And for sure there will be memories with songs like "you can't always be 17" or with the consolation of the present age "life begins at 66" by udo jurgens. Even such catchy tunes as "mendocino" can be heard, "don't cry little eva or the beatles songs "yesterday and "let it be.