Their maxim is: i will not give up

Their maxim is: I will not give up

Inge ubelhack from sonnefeld received the medal of merit of the order of merit of the federal republic of germany from the hands of the district administrator sebastian straubel (CSU/LV) in the presence of mdl martin mittag (CSU) and mayor michael keilich (CSU).

A serious accident

The laudatory speech by the district administrator revealed that this was due to many years of tireless and devoted care for his son stefan, who was so severely injured in a traffic accident in 1996 that he has been paraplegic from the head down ever since.

Nevertheless, stefan ubelhack can work in the IT sector at the company pfaff burobedarf in michelau. His boss there provides a special workplace for the handicapped and stefan is very much appreciated as a co-worker, which means a perspective for his future life. In addition, a home office is set up. Not only that he is brought to michelau every day and picked up again, he is mainly cared for by inge ubelhack in the familiar surroundings at home.

He enjoys the comfort, the support and the security of the family, in order to bear the physical restriction and the mental pain to some extent. If necessary, the two sons michael and martin are available for care.

Also engaged in the club

In order to gain a little distance from the stresses and strains of everyday life, the distinguished member has for many years acted as chairman of the sonnefeld fruit and horticulture association. "They master their fate together as a family. But the main burden is borne by the mother inge ubelhack", said straubel, who expressed his thanks for the outstanding commitment.

Michael keilich said that this work deserved respect and martin mittag stated: "this life achievement cannot be estimated highly enough." The final word of inge ubelhack was: "i will not give up."