The new one comes from posseck

On the tables in the inn "hauckensepper" in rothenkirchen there are several bottles of exquisite wines, cashew cubes and a bread basket with delicious baguette. It is unmistakable that today is the day for wine tasting – and a very special one at that, since the new "konigintropfen" is to be created from the various grape varieties will be chosen in 2012. And who would be better suited for the wine tasting than the candidates for pressig's "grape throne"?, melanie hofmann, anna schuberth and anja zwosta.
Together with the currently reigning wine queen anna stadelmann and her two princesses linda fiedler and nina hempfling as well as board members of the pressig action group, the three young ladies from posseck are testing the fine grape juice. After the choice of a red wine last year, this year they decided on a female wine, a dry rivaner 2010.

Like something out of a picture book

All three candidates were a picture-perfect royalty: young, hunky and open-minded. The three also like to drink a sip of wine, but they all prefer red wine. The fact that this year a young lady from posseck will be wine queen is also thanks to melanie hofmann. "The previous wine queen anna stadelmann infected me with her enthusiasm and really made me want to do it.", betrayal the 19-year-old. Since the majesty is supposed to come every year from another part of the municipality of pressig and posseck has not yet had a turn, she asked the mayor if it would be possible this year. "When it was decided that posseck would be the new queen, I immediately asked my friends who would run for the post. One girl canceled, but anna and anja are going to participate", explains melanie hofmann. Since there will be two princesses this year in addition to the wine queen, we will form a royal trio, so to speak. "I am particularly pleased that all three of us will be appearing together at the events. I think it will be a very fun and exciting time. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people", explains the nursery nurse full of anticipation.


17-year-old anna feels the same way. "It was literally a crazy idea for me to join in. Melanie told me about it at the st. John's bonfire. I joined right away because I thought it was a funny idea and because she simply infected me with her joy. I thought I could like that too." Anja was also asked by melanie. The 19-year-old insurance and finance trainee was skeptical at first, however. "I don't really like to be the center of attention. But finally melanie has convinced me."

An honorable task

They agree that being wine queen is an honorable task. But the three candidates were also able to make friends with the office of princess.
The election will take place on open sunday in the shops and restaurants, where the candidates will introduce themselves. There are also ballots ready. The crowning will take place on sunday at 7 pm in the hauckensepper guesthouse.