The falling hollander: louis van gaal’s curious swallow show

the falling hollander: louis van gaal's curious swallow show

Louis van gaal is sure to receive an award for the best showmanship. "Unbelievable what he has done", wrote the newspaper "the telegraph". For the "mirror the falling hollander became a comedy genius.

Van gaal only wanted to draw attention to a foul by arsenal attacker alexis sanchez during manchester united's 3-2 win. The curious thing was how he did it: van gaal loved to fall to the ground rucklings in front of the fourth official. "Very strange, but also very funny", found the "daily mail.

Van gaal's swallow also became a hit on the social networks. The dutchman lying on the ground was photomontaged into different images: sometimes carried by a crowd like a rock star, sometimes lying in front of a roaring grizzly barbarian. The 64-year-old subsequently warned himself about the bizarre action. "That was too emotional. I have to control my emotions better", the 64-year-old emphasized.

Van gaal stole the show even from 18 year old upright starter marcus rashford with his performance. The youngster almost single-handedly scored two goals on his premier league debut and one assist to beat mesut ozil's FC arsenal.