Sangergroup seeks new board of directors

The chairman of the sangergruppe regnitz- ebrachgrund kilian prell had invited to the annual general meeting in hirschaid in the old school. 16 clubs with choirs and instrumental groups are affiliated with the sangergruppe.
The present associations of the sangergruppe reported on their accomplished and again planned meetings and informed about their dates with singing appearances. The general tenor was that all concerts were successful and well attended.
The choir director of the sangergruppe madlen hiller was pleased with the good response at the concert of the sangergruppe on 10. Marz on the occasion of "900 years of buttenheim market". It was an impressive musical experience for all ten participating choruses. At the same time, she called for a group concert with instrumental accompaniment in 2019.
The previous first chairman of the sangergruppe kilian prell had already announced two years ago to remain only this one term in office. Because of the lack of candidates for the office of the first and second chairman and also because of the poor attendance at the meeting, these items could not be carried out.

Draw threatens

The new elections are adjourned to the 17. November 2018 in the old school in hirschaid. If again no new board is formed, the sangergruppe regnitz-ebrachgrund can be closed down after almost 60 years of existence. 1959) by a majority vote of the members of the sangergruppe (see articles of association, §7 "dissolution of the sangergruppe"). The current board of directors will remain in place until the aforementioned date.