Only one candidate is running in pettstadt

Only one candidate is running in pettstadt

The only really exciting thing about the pettstadt mayoral election is a percentage: how many percent will send jochen hack into his second term as head of the municipality. This could be interesting, since the man from the free electoral association (G) had won 53.27 percent in 2014 with two opposing candidates. Hack does not have an opponent now.

Pettstadt elects two more town councils this time than in 2014 due to more residents. During the last legislative period, there were four groups in the 14-member municipal council: CSU, SPD, G and BNL. These are the ones who are running again. For this body, voters have a choice of 101 candidates, with not all lists making full use of their possibilities – 28 candidates.

Jochen hack (52) is married, the father of three children and a foundation manager. Politically he has been involved for 20 years now. What motivates you to get involved in politics??

Jochen hack: my involvement in politics is local. It results from the strong ties to my home community. I was able to spend a really happy childhood here and still feel very much at home in pettstadt today. I would like to give back a lot of these experiences and develop pettstadt further in a livable and future-proof way.

What has angered you most about your community in the past year?? I don’t usually argue, but see the issues as a challenge to be solved.

What has been your greatest political achievement in the last six years?? There were several rough successes. I would like to highlight the two labor-intensive projects: the city bus connection and the provision of the entire community area with fiber optics to the home. Why you are the right mayor for your community? I stand for the motto of my electoral community: working for pettstadt, as well as the guidelines of being close to the town and its people, forward-looking and tradition-conscious, and not tied to any political party.

In which three areas do you see the greatest need for action in your community?? Due to rising birth rates and increased demand for childcare, there is an acute need for action both in the daycare center and in the after-school childcare center at the school. In the short to medium term, the need for space and care must be supplemented by new or expanded quarters and additional staff. Many burgers in our community are concerned about maintaining or expanding the local supply in the town. Ideas for this are already being tested for feasibility in cooperation with all participants