Munnerstadt’s construction crew at the spring cleanup

Munnerstadt's construction crew at the spring cleanup

Spring work had to be postponed again and again because of frost and bad weather. Now the head of the building yard, stefan sluzar, is hoping that the weather will cooperate to some extent this week and in the weeks to come. The paths and playgrounds throughout the city are to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Started the bauhof employees on the damm. There the winter, but also the braveheartbattle have left their mark. It is the roads and paths that have been particularly affected by the constant change from frost to thaw this year. "We are in the process of eliminating the most serious traffic hazards", says sluzar. This year, the condition of the roads connecting fridritt to fridritt and wermerichshausen to seubrigshausen is particularly bad. The old roads were not built for the loads of today’s traffic.But sluzar woman: "no one can pay for rubbing out". So they are being repaired.
A construction yard team is currently taking care of the gravel paths in the entire city area. There are several in the city center alone. The footpaths along the flood embankment require special attention. Because it is not only a matter of providing walkers with a proper recreational area, but also of the best possible maintenance of the dam as a protective facility.

In winter, the dense vegetation had to be removed so that roots could not damage the dam structure. Now the paths are being pushed off in such a way that no backwater forms there and runs off during rainfall. After that, a dark gravel layer is applied. On the music school path, the holes in the path were already patched before easter. And this is how it will continue over the next few weeks – from district to district."Working through one part of the site at a time", sluzar explains. In the building yard, there is a precise plan of where and in what order which upcoming work is to be tackled. According to stefan sluzar, this rule has been preserved. It’s a round trip similar to winter road maintenance, he explains. "The organization is not easy, but sluzar has fun with it. "This is a challenge for me", says the head of the public works department and mentions that the city, with an area of 95 square kilometers, is lower franconia’s largest and bavaria’s second-largest flat municipality. There is no end to the work.

The playgrounds also need to be systematically cleaned up in the next few days and weeks. There are 29 of them in the whole city. The main annual inspection is currently underway. "Every screw is really looked at", says sluzar.

But also in the sky the playgrounds are looked at more closely. It must be ensured that no rotten ashes fall from the trees and injure children. But the children’s playgrounds keep the construction team busy all year round. In addition to the rough inspection in spring, there is another basic inspection every quarter. And every week a look is taken at the facilities to make sure that there are no broken pieces or garbage lying around and that more serious damage is repaired immediately.

And now of course there is the maintenance of the grounds to be done – when spring comes. "There is no more snow now…" Word sluzar. He really can’t use him anymore now.