Kunreuth fire department active for 150 years

Kunreuth fire department active for 150 years

Major events cast their shadows ahead in kunreuth. The fire department celebrates from 17. Until 20. May their 150. Jubilee and pays with it to the oldest fire departments in bavaria. At the same time it hosts the district fire brigade day.

The kunreuth district administrator hermann ulm became the patron of the group. It is a home game for him. As chairman hans-jurgen held explains, the fire department began preparations as early as january 2016.

Minutiae of preparation

Since then, a festivities committee of about 20 members has been working on the project. The other local associations are involved, because eventually it should become a celebration of the whole village community. Meetings were held every two months at first, and more intensively every two weeks in the end. A 1500-man tent awaits guests on the land next to the sports field.

In the commemorative publication, the association also deals with its history. For the first time the term "volunteer fire department" appears 1847 in karlsruhe, the first one in bavaria is mentioned in 1848 in speyer, which belonged to the kingdom of bavaria at that time.

Among the first five weirs

As the foundation date of the "kunreuth volunteer fire department is the 1. October 1869, a time when the founding of fire departments in bavaria was rapidly gaining momentum. Kunreuth was among the first five percent in bavaria to have this fire protection system. Johann bohmlander was first chairman, andreas friedrich commander, his deputy johann nutzel and treasurer johann hetzner.

Records show that kunreuth already had an organized firefighting system much earlier, as documented in books of the parish of kunreuth from 1848.

Today, more than 324,000 active firefighters in 7595 volunteer fire departments in towns and municipalities in bavaria take care of fire protection, plus 29,000 firefighters' wives. This is supplemented by seven professional fire departments and 170 industrial and company fire brigades.


In 1989, the people of kunreuth had their first thoughts about a youth group. On 11. January 1992 they put the project into action and appointed harald hetzner as the first youth warden. The youth group of the kunreuth fire department overhauled the historical fire engine from 1883 in detailed work for the current anniversary.

If you look back over the last few years, the fire department in all of bavaria has developed steadily and has had to acquire a completely different status than was the case in 1869, for example.

Professionals helping

Of the fire departments are active in the areas of "rescue, salvage and protection" professional assistance and reliable support expected at all times. Kunreuth is taking on this task with its chairman klemens hommel and deputy chairman thorsten sailer. In the anniversary year, the association is supported by 125 members, consisting of 42 active, 29 passive, 44 demanding and two honorary members. Eight members of the youth team are involved in the project.