In kersbach, the csu talks about isek

The CSU local association of kersbach invited the kersbach association chairmen and the citizens’ initiative "lebenswertes forchheim" (worth living in forchheim) a to collect ideas. The CSU wants to bring the collected information into the isek-process (integrated urban development concept), which the city council will decide at the end of september.
In addition to the club representatives, CSU local association chairman hauke haack was able to bury, among others, kersbach city council members ludwig preusch (), martina hebendanz (CSU) and reiner freund (CSU), as well as CSU faction chairman udo schonfelder.

Demands for traffic

Above all, the concerns and resulting ideas of the kersbacher revolved around traffic. Among other things, a traffic circle was requested at the exit of the town in the direction of forchheim, so that incoming vehicles have to brake and outgoing vehicles can only accelerate after the traffic circle. At the exit of the town in the direction of effeltrich, a swivel with a coarser crossing aid was demanded, which would force a reduction in the time taken by vehicles entering and leaving the town. The city councilors reiner freund and ludwig preusch demanded a taxation and sparing of the ottilienplatz in the town center. Other topics were a possible bypass and the poor connection of kersbach to the cycle path network. CSU chairman haack reported that he had lobbied the bavarian railroad company (BEG) directly to maintain the half-hourly suburban train service. The half-hourly frequency is to be reduced to an hourly frequency as of the timetable change due to the timely commissioning of the VDE 8 rail line.
Unfortunately, the multiple argumentative e-mails exchanged remained without success. Exact figures as to why the BEG chose kersbach instead of a city stop in erlangen, where the S-bahn stops are only one kilometer away from the next one and thus a temporary loss could be compensated much more easily by using buses, were not provided. One assured only that everything was considered. Attempts by the district of forchheim to counteract the BEG’s decision were also unsuccessful.
Following the opening of the new tracks and the associated relocation of the kersbach commuter train stop during the summer vacations, there is now no direct access to the commuter train stop. There is still no sign of the new commuter parking lot that the city will build. The bus from hausen and heroldsbach continues to stop at the top of the bridge, but there are no longer stairs from the bridge to the tracks. Those who look for signage to the tracks at the traffic circle or at the top of the bridge look in vain.

Parking lot is a long time coming

Here, too, the CSU in kersbach has campaigned for at least temporary bicycle stands to be erected and suitable signage to be installed at the traffic circle. The dismantled staircase is to be reinstalled on the east side of the building. The final commuter parking lot with bicycle stands, which the city has to build, will take some time, however, because the plans must first be decided in the city council. According to information from the city planning office, the bus stop will be relocated under the bridge as soon as the traffic circle is completed, so that quick access to the train platforms will be possible. A temporary commuter parking lot is also to be built on the eastern side by the railroad, so that the situation at the kersbach train station will improve significantly in the next few weeks already..