Hundreds of asylum seekers reach the district of kronach

Hundreds of asylum seekers reach the district of kronach

Much is initially gray theory. The bavarian cabinet is turning the winter emergency plan for refugees into a general emergency plan. The counties start looking for accommodation to take in 200 to 300 people at a time for the short term. But hardly anyone realizes the scale of the issue as the year progresses. This will change in august at the latest.

Hall becomes an emergency shelter

"After consultation with the district office of kronach, it is planned to use the gymnasium from the 10th of the year. August to occupy. The district office has reported a maximum capacity of 150 places in the hall", the government of upper franconia informs at the end of july on our inquiry. The first buses with asylum seekers arrive at the school center in kronach a short time later. As a rule, the refugees from countries such as eritrea, senegal, nigeria, iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, syria or albania only occupy the hall temporarily, after which they are divided up among other facilities.

In october, the refugees leave the sports hall at the kreuzberg again. The schools return to their traditional rooms. New accommodation is now being provided for the asylum seekers. It is located on the land of the former company dreefs in unterrodach.

What will become of the young people?

Overall, the refugees are received with rough understanding. Many people volunteer to alleviate their suffering and integrate them as best they can. The longer the storm lasts, however, the more voices of uncertainty are raised as to whether the region is really in a position to cope with the situation. Debate calms down towards the end of the year. The flow of refugees seems to be slowing down.

One factor of the asylum issue that could also become an opportunity for the region are the unaccompanied youths. Young people from the arab-african region attend classes at the vocational school in kronach. They learn german, get a taste of professions and want to get involved. Some politicians see their integration as part of the answer to the question of how to counter demographic change.

A look at the statistics

Accommodations decentralized accommodations and shared accommodation of the government: in november 2014, a total of 169 asylum seekers in the district were accommodated there. To the 11. December 2015 there were 404. At the beginning of the year, ten asylum seekers were assigned to the district each week for decentralized accommodation. In october 2015, the weekly quota was increased to 15 asylum seekers.

Emergency shelter (school center). Unterrodach): after the first three buses (10., 11. And 13. August) 132 people were accommodated at the school center. The high at the end of august was 139 people. There are currently 38 people in unterrodach.