Horse in the hospital furth: before she died, this patient was allowed to make a wish

Doctors, nurses and caregivers often have little time in their daily hospital routine – hospital staff have too many responsible tasks to perform. All the more touching and unusual is the action made possible by the staff of the palliative care unit of the hospital in furth.

Together with the wittinghof riding stable, they fulfilled the last wish of a terminally ill MS patient last week and committed a gross abuse in return. According to the hospital in furth, the critically ill 58-year-old had wished to be able to pet her favorite horse once again.

"Actually, the plan was to take the patient once again to the stable where she had spent a lot of time", reports josef rauch, team leader of the palliative care unit at the hospital furth. But then her condition had deteriorated very quickly. So he thought: "if we can't get to the horse, maybe the horse can come to us"."

Stable owner rita froschauer did not think twice about it. There was "no question at all about doing it", says the 51-year-old. She knew the whole family of the woman. "Horses were her life." For years she had her own horse. When the horse died, the 58-year-old took over the care of dana. "As far as her health allowed, she took care of her, fed her and cleaned her. She always made sure she was with the horses." So she put the mare in the trailer and drove with her to the clinic, about 15 kilometers away.

A resounding action by the hospital in furth

The hospital staff, in turn, brought the seriously ill woman in her bed to the gate of the hospital, where she was able to pet the animal once again in the presence of her family.

How the hospital in furth compares to infranken.According to the statement, the woman died last sunday, two days after her heart's desire was fulfilled.

The situation was not easy for the owner of the stables. But she is proud of her horse that made this special moment possible. "Dana is not a normal horse, she is something special."

Froschauer found the idea of the clinic "just great". "If such a thing is possible – I would do it again and again." The action has also moved many others. Almost 12,000 people have already liked the hospital's post on the social network facebook, many have shared it. A user wrote: "class action, more of it!!" And a user: "even without knowing a single contributor personally… If there is such a thing as heaven, then one day you will have earned the fluffiest cloud. Such people are worth their weight in gold."