From fatburner to zumba

From fatburner to zumba

Off the couch and into the sneakers it was last saturday for the 65 participants of the aerobic event at the caspar-vischer-gymnasium (CVG).
The P-seminar sport under the direction of kathrin krebs had invited to a rough workout day in the gyms of the CVG and the pestalozzi school, a great opportunity to get to know new trend sports in particular. The registered participants were able to choose from twelve courses of one hour each – a total of four hours of power sports.
Well, if you had chosen your courses cleverly, some of the participants might still have felt an over-acidification of the muscles the next day. "Of course, four hours of intensive sports is a lot, but we trust that everyone knows his or her own body and will stop when it’s no longer possible", said sports teacher kathrin krebs.

Fitness studios participated

The 13 students of the P-seminar were divided into three groups: organization, sponsors and aerobics. The latter was responsible for selecting the workshops and contacting the participating fitness studios. "We studied the internet offers of the different studios and made a preselection", explained tina schlee from Q12. It was important to include sports that were not yet so well known. "But we didn’t just decide on paper, we took part in the lessons ourselves so that we could better assess the content." The result was a colorful offering that ranged from fascia training to fat burner, thai yoga or crossfit to zumba or pilates.

Pilates – quite strenuous

"Stretch your legs" was the phrase of trainer anna jahreis in the gymnasium of the pestalozzi school, which caused a slight uproar among the participants. Pilates was considered by many to be quite strenuous, because it teaches you where your body has muscles everywhere. Similar to body tone with anja waltes, which is performed more in a standing position than pilates.
"I think it’s great to go with a different trainer, you get good new inputs", said monique sieber, who regularly goes to the gym. She came with her son maximilian, who had never done anything like this before. "It’s pretty cool", said the schoolboy, but he will certainly later trace his muscles. With deep work and full-body workout, the two went into the afternoon hours.
"With our event we wanted to convey the joy of movement and make people take time for themselves, do something for their body", said kathrin krebs.

Better than medication

She regretted that many people nowadays prefer to take injections or medicines for physical problems rather than to fight the causes through exercise. "This is also a mission that we as physical education teachers see at our school: we want to encourage lifelong movement."