Car: check first, then travel

The 55-year-old knows of cases in which the car was taken off on vacation despite leaking oil, a tubular exhaust or worn brakes. "These are things you just have to put down at home."

Anyone can do that

Any driver can do a first check by himself without any major problems. On the one hand at the tires: does the air pressure fit? Is the tread depth still sufficient?? Is the tire already a little old, is it porous or can you see cracks? "The spare wheel should also be checked", explains the master car mechanic. By the way: the warmer it gets, the more important the condition of the tire is. "The heiber, the more wear."
On the other hand, it is relatively easy for anyone to check the level of various fluids in the vehicle: coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, windshield wiper fluid (take the reserve water with you). A look at the condition of the windshield wipers and the headlights/indicators is also advisable according to graf. Everything else should be left to the professionals.
Especially at the beginning of the vacations, his workshop is very busy," the 55-year-old continues. Apart from the vacation check – which is free of charge for him – there is another reason for this: "many people have time off and time to spare." But also vacationers come to him: for example a swedish guy, who spends his vacations here, always has his car checked in the workshop in rottlersreuth.

Mistake: get in, fill up, go

"Older people are more conscientious about checking their cars before going on vacation", the expert goes on. Because they already had experience with breakdowns on vacation and don't want to experience that again. Different for many young people: "for them it's: get in, fill up, go away."
Graf also knows the classic breakdowns: exhaust, alternator, fan belt and electronic problems. But these are all things that a vacationer alone can not repair. "Doing it yourself on the road is always a problem." Because you can't take that many tools with you. "You should have a wheel lock with you, then it's really all right", says the expert.
His tip is to call the ADAC in case of emergency. "They are usually easy to reach everywhere and drag you to a garage." Especially abroad, you won't be ripped off so quickly in the event of a breakdown if you go to a repair shop that works together with ADAC.
When does the car mechanic consider a car check to be useful at all?? "As soon as it crosses the border."