Adidas to pay six percent more

Six percent more pay for the 12,000 or so employees in the footwear and sporting goods industry: this is the demand that the IG BCE is making in the collective bargaining for the industry, which begins today in wurzburg. "Employees cannot live on air and love of the brand alone", says IG-BCE negotiator frieder weibenborn in a press release. "It’s time for the industry to make its premium demands on its own pay policy as well." While above-average returns are the order of the day in the sporting goods industry, collective wages lag behind those in other industries.

Double-digit profit

"A six percent demand is more than justified in an industry that is doing well", says IG-BCE negotiator weibenborn. Adidas, for example, has just increased its profits by double digits. The dax group alone has a good 7,000 employees in this round of collective bargaining, both at the headquarters in herzogenaurach and in the logistics centers and stores. Other companies that are being negotiated for include puma, lloyd or ara.

"What is completely incomprehensible to us is that, according to our information, adidas is not sending its own representatives to the collective bargaining negotiations, even though the group is by far the largest employer in the industry", criticizes weibenborn. "A company that acknowledges its social responsibility worldwide cannot hide behind the lamentations of 100-man companies in collective bargaining rounds at its home base." .