A price per square meter of 70 euros deters people who are willing to build?

At the second town hall meeting of the municipality of michelau for the districts of schwurbitz, lettenreuth and oberreuth, one topic caused a stir: the municipally owned building plots in the district of lettenreuth were far too expensive. An opinion that was not only held by the former municipal councillor heinz hillebrand, but also by other lettenreuth residents.

Hillebrand regretted that during his time as a municipal councilor, progress on the designation of 60 building plots in lettenreuth had not been as fast as some people would have liked. In the meantime, the "lettenreuth west" development area at least a partial development has begun. But in hillebrand's opinion, these building plots are far too expensive, which scares off some people who are willing to build and drives them to neighboring communities.

The price per square meter in michelau is 55 euros, 58 euros in schwurbitz and 70 euros in lettenreuth. For the difference, the people got a kitchen, he calculated. "Do we still have a future at all in lettenreuth??", asked hillebrand. Concretely he demanded, a subsidy of the building sites by the municipality" so that our young people can afford a building site".

The argument that the price of a building site alone is decisive for a location decision could not be understood by mayor helmut fischer: "there are other factors that play a role, such as infrastructure, schools, jobs, roads and shopping facilities." The demand for building sites in michelau presents itself in a highly inconsistent way.

While in the core municipality strong demand of building-willing exists and only private building lots are available, there is in schwurbitz in the "friedhofstrabe" four building plots (two of them are reserved), in neuensee there are currently 18 (one of them is reserved and one is privately owned).

In lettenreuth, there were a total of seven with the "am sonnengarten" building site (price 44 euro), who was immediately ready for construction. However, not a single reservation has been made for this. On the contrary, two reservations were unexpectedly cancelled. The development of the building site cost the municipality 460,000 euros. Following a decision by the municipal council, the development costs of land ready for building in the municipal area will be apportioned to the developers.

Had it not been possible to print the costs of 70 euros per square meter with the development of the triple quantity, it was asked. Then the municipality had to spend 1.5 million euros instead of 460,000 euros, answered mayor fischer.

Speeders make life difficult for residents in oberreuth. Here the head of the municipality promised a review of the situation.
Fischer also pointed out the second and third installments of the renovation of the clearing plant. The second installment will be released on 15. June of the following year and the third installment on the same date of the following year (15. June 2019) fallig. There will be no automatic debit nor will there be an extra notice.