A lot of work and praise for a strong team

A lot of work and praise for a strong team

Michael ruckel has never experienced anything like this in his almost 20 years as commander of the wiesentheid fire department.

Only recently, he reported at the general meeting, an emergency doctor had thanked him and his troop for the good and professional work that the fire brigade had done in an accident. He passed on the praise to his comrades, who went out 96 times in the past year, an average of almost twice a week.

The palette ranged from the fire of a small garden house to serious traffic accidents. It goes without saying that the equipment has to be suitable for so many and sometimes heavy missions. Especially here has been improved in recent months. The wiesentheider now received a new rust car from the district, which replaces the 30-year-old vorganger. In order to equip the vehicle accordingly, a specially formed team of the fire brigade had coordinated with the manufacturer in ulm.

New outfits

In addition, the purchase of new uniforms was approved by the municipal council. The artefacts, which cost 903 euros each, will be delivered in the next few weeks.

In his report on the past year, commander ruckel also gave a pictorial account of one or two operations. The fire department responded to 39 technical assistance incidents, 19 traffic accidents, 13 fires, 17 security patrols and eight false alarms. 59 times the fire brigade was on duty in wiesentheid and its suburbs, 19 times in the suburbs and 18 times on the highway.

In addition, the 150th anniversary of the fire department in wiesentheid was celebrated last year with various activities.

Highlights were an open day and a show in the middle of the village. After the jubilee, the untersambach fire brigade presented a gift to the wiesentheider in the form of a jet pipe with coupling. This is intended to symbolize the firm connection between the two fire brigades, explained bruno geiling.

Fire-brigade executive committee florian patzolt went on further meetings, like on the social life in the association. The regular monthly get-together was just as much a part of the year as the carnival evening, the maypole, or the bicycle tour. The report on the activities of the youth was given by michael reimann.

A challenging year

During the ceremony, district administrator roland eckert stated that the wiesentheider fire brigade had again had "a challenging year". The rust truck is here in good hands, "it fits with you, you are masters of your craft."Impressed by the performance also district administrator tamara bischof. Mayor werner knaier assured the support of the municipality. On the subject of deployment figures, he feared that these will probably not fall as a result of the expansion of the highway in the wiesentheid area that is now taking place.

In addition, the defense honored several deserving comrades for their many years of service. Heinz fluhrer, leonhard lorey, erwin ruppert and adolf heininger were honored for 60 years of service. Heininger was also the spokesman for the passive defense force for 20 years. Ernst-ludwig wobb has been in the fire department for 40 years. District fire chief christian aschermann, also deputy commander, has been involved for 25 years.