1.3 Million invested in ange

1.3 million invested in Ange

Elegant and coarse, it invites you to enjoy shopping: the new suits department at the murk clothing store, which has been expanded by 500 square meters through an extension.
In addition to the company’s own luigi morini brand, customers can choose from the labels of the best-known men’s outfitter brands. But above all, customers should feel good about their purchases, says reinhold murk, one of the shareholders of the family business.
When the expansion building was inaugurated with a ceremony on saturday during ongoing operations, the rush of customers was rough. The ecclesiastical blessing was given to the new building and all the people involved in it by the local chaplain, father gabriel ramos.
Three years ago, the shareholders of the group decided to expand the suit department. A new annex was built for this purpose, a 1.3 million euro project, which is quite a challenge for a medium-sized company to handle financially, emphasized managing director reinhold murk.
However, the company founded by senior boss anton murk and his brothers can build on a stable foundation: the family and their loyalty to the site. "There is a vision behind it and a strong team that decided unbureaucratically", the architect joachim perleth from schweinfurt also emphasized this.
Because the "construction site" was as simple as it seemed at the beginning not. It brought some surprises. Among other things, the subsoil made a pile foundation necessary. A number of hurdles had to be overcome even at the building permit stage.

Thanks to the politicians

Reinhold murk therefore gratefully addressed the guests of honor from the world of politics present, CSU member of the state parliament walter nussel, district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) and mayor friedrich gleitsmann (CSU). With their support and excellent cooperation, they have been able to realize this project. The politicians therefore also had the honorable task of cutting the red ribbon.
The company also thanked two of its employees: franz hunnerkopf, an authorized signatory, and the house facility manager georg tinter, who had practically made the construction site their own.
"The murk company has shaped the region for generations", emphasized member of the state parliament walter nussel. He congratulated the company, its employees and customers on this expansion. This is another building block for the development of the region.
District administrator alexander tritthart recalled "the somewhat difficult construction history". Thanks to the good cooperation between the municipality, the district and the bavarian state government, everything has come to a good end. "I’m happy about every investment in the district", says tritthart. The local economy is one reason why erlangen-hochstadt has done so well in the ranking of the counties.

Business tax is on the rise

For mayor friedrich gleitsmann, the investment in the extension is the assurance that the headquarters will continue to remain in the market community. "If investments are made, it can be assumed that trade tax will be paid and jobs will be created," says tritthart, the head of the community.